Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Spiritual Art Of Maturity

Artistic Maturity

It is a good time to take under consideration the idea of an artistic maturity,with other words,mental maturity in art,as a vital process in a spiritual growth through art.The artist just immerse into the depths of art,in many cases,and what discovers there could have the size of when about Newton discovered gravitation;it can signify the birth of a genius,in some specific cases,as the artist becomes alike a wire connecting straight to its “soul’s infinite power”,and what reveals from there,could be something which can’t be described by words.A clear definition,should be useless as there are facts which points the subjectivity and objectiveness as basic rule.
The artistic sense is often felt differently,from a person to another;it matters most its way into perceiving everything what connects to the soul,rooted in its core,and developing extraordinary skills despite that consumes tremendous energy,reveals a clear process of a special sensitivity in matter of seconds,as for a good example is some artists ‘s capacity of drawing very fast and accurate,or just having few words alike in a scrabble game board and based on those words to quickly compose phrases or verses,or,to hear lots of sounds perfectly fit and right hearing them,composing an entire symphony.Such skills,indeed,are very rare,but awareness of their existence is a valuable proof,and also..a scientific one,as savants try to discover 1st of all what triggers the rise of genius in humans,as well as trying to figure out the structure of such energetic manipulations which forms the high skills in art.
To take good examples,in the main scene,I bring the art of writing,as by writing I understand the essential way of people for communicating.Based on words,as a path for communication [but not ignoring other ways],my example relies on the fact that such sublime form,disposed in poetry and prose,carries a rich pattern,formed also from another thousands of patterns and all fit together as a whole.A wheel that spins faster and faster echoes in our brains ready to acquire informational levels in the measure we are ready to connect to the source.I say these,about a kind of connection to a source,alike wishing to set some specific border lines,as there are many people who can not really perceive or visualize words or their meanings,and that is no matter if are used in poems or other writings;of course,their lack into perceiving these doesn’t affect the balance of things,in art.Art itself is such well designed that only and only people with affinity to define it or to understand it and in rest,is alike when one sees a beggar on a street and that homeless has dirty and broken clothes and looks so ugly and smells so bad that it almost makes everybody feel sick or turn their heads in another parts,if you get what I mean.But to come back to the initial subject,the connectivity to the root is proportional with some paths or “wires”,and the mainframe to process is the brain,and sending informations to eyes,hands or another parts of the human body.Somehow,many could disagree with some aspects in the 1st sight,but I do remind them to make a deep research over the actions of a human psychic in relationship with art.The even well-said term of maturity in art relies on the ability of a specific connection to the source.And resuming to writings,such form of art has so many links that is impossible for a human to be able to distinguish all the wires connected to mainframe,no matter how high is an engineering skill or architectural one,but..indeed,is a personal opinion so I do not make statements for everyone,as I am aware that each individual is free to feel different what I’m feeling towards all aspects I mention in my essay.So..speaking of writing,the ability of creating rhymes or perfect matches among the “structural part”,is well treasured by many lovers of art;yet,there is another part,which even if not so well-structured according with the rules,has an architectural design,for creating special patterns.In the 1st example,has connections to the chaining of the words,in a poem,defined by a rhythm,in which people say that has a special structure , common metres as poetic rhythm: iambic ,anapaestic suggesting rising and trochaic , dactylic ,suggesting falling . But on the 2nd example,is about ignoring the 1stregularity and leaving a random process occur ,but very rich in developing an entire world in just few words,so that the person with adequate affinity will be triggered into visualizing quickly those dimensional spheres just created. Indeed,such complexity could be developed,in the process of artistic maturity,but I limited myself to just few base lines,without getting thoroughly into the exploration of such depths,in art.The mature artists understand such aspects and that even if for each of them is a similar equation in which X factor is known and Y factor is to be explored.


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