Friday, December 7, 2012

The Science

"The Science"

The Science,indeed,it's a bright "thing",when is is seen through the eyes of one who wants to learn...Alike a tree,the science has been found,deeply rooted in ancient times...for that,what will remember one,when doesn't know yet?!
One chose to find in science a bright thing,but,not always,one who finds a hint,is satisfied by that knowledge...For that one to find,must know to search,but,also,what may be searched can be abandoned...the positive aspects of science are born,usually,through one's creativity and curiousity,cos,natural way has been found in a desire for discovering...what may be taken as "found through science",are many things cos,indeed,the root of science,is may fall into the abyss of science,who,negative side of it may be called,and,leads to destruction,indeed...Scientists 're found everywhere,for high achievements,to have,but,not always,a scientist search for a place into someone's memory...very interesting way to find,see one,into study,as to know many things,who might lead to its interes/purpose ,on that road of life,indeed...One may study the numbers of sciences found in these days,and,of course,many,too many,it will find,but,how many ways of science wants the humans?!Cos indeed,bright thing,is that science,but,so bright as may be,so destructive power scientist,into math,one other,into physic,one other,into chemistry,one other,into history,and so on,the chain of science has been found in all,born from the desire of knowing,indeed,but,as desire is,child of mind is...and,as the mind is mother of thoughts,one thought,leads to another and,so on,thousands and thousands of thoughts,may arise,in short time...but,a human,can not be aware of all the thoughts,indeed...The positive part of science,transform into negative,creating true/real disasters,many times,but,what can be done?!Cos,indeed,the excellent appetite the human for the seed of science,it is found as good thing...but,the effects of the creativity,through this science,are more high than ever,in according with human's capacity of thinking...and,jumps a possible IQ from a cell to another,in one's brain,as for an energy of mind,to be created and through its manifestation:by a lot of effects is seen a reason for mind,to be more creative and,this way,the chain of science,continue...evaluation processes of what was created,establish a possible ballance for the mentioned effects...but,not always,positive effects are found...negative powers,this way,unleashed,are seen into many things,but,as too much negative energy,people who may call themselves scientists,search for a ballance,and don't find anything to replace "what was broken" and then,it is seen where the science may lead,sometimes...a negative power,grow once,twice,and so on,but,must be unleashed,indeed,or changed,..,for that the effects will be as much stronger,through a restraining/obstruction of that,where one to find that ballance,if many scientists,through a so called ballance,discover another power of destruction?!But,to ignore and avoid,very easy it is,indeed!!! And,good reason,is,for to think,where the science lead,when was corrupted the positive power...this way,natural thing it is,to be removed the primary cause,and not to counter its effects,cos,indeed,the effects,may them be restrained/held in obstruction,for a specific time,but,the cause,still who seek for the root,will know the right thing to do,into discovering that ballance,indeed...
That's why,one who read my so-called "diary",the subject to speak,in my next entry,will be:"Karma"...
Thanks for reading,stranger!


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