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The Need Of Knowledge

The Need Of Knowledge

This is a new entry of a so called "diary"...I wish to speak about many other subjects,so that other who didn't knewd,to find;others who know already,to remember…
As subject,i choose "The Need Of Knowledge"...

Each os us ,even since birth,has inoculated inside its being,many knowledges...because it is in our nature to have knowledge,we have to search for it,in many things...many of us choose to search in outside,alike physicists,physiologist,chemists,savants,etc personalities...many choose to search inside,alike those who practice meditation,and other related,with another words,it is described here the need of knowledge...even since one is child and see something on the ground,manifest that curiosity who push it into searching,into matter how piffling is that "thing" who attracted the child's eye,natural process is found,in its will of knowing; once something it is found,the attention goes to another place,for to be found something alike,since one is child,and when finds something,and then search another thing,also when one is now old,cos,even if the thing that once,long time ago,was found,and now,it is not attractive anymore,exists another thing,always,to be found..the mechanism of mind it is very easy,but in the same time,very complex,indeed..a machinery full of wheels ,despite that has wheels,has other parts too,which connects those wheels,for to be a whole ..
Lao Tseu,in a book called Tao Te Ching,said: "The thirty spokes unite in the one nave; but it is on the empty space (for the axle), that the use of the wheel depends.Clay is fashioned into vessels; but it is on their empty hollowness, that their use depends.The door and windows are cut out (from the walls)to form an apartment; but it is on the empty space (within), that its use depends.Therefore, what has a (positive) existence serves for profitable adaptation, and what has not that for (actual) usefulness".
Here,in the mechanism of mind,the emptiness it is the root of all the thoughts...and,from there is created a thought,which leads to another thought,and so on,the multiplication process not necessary that one to be aware of the multiplication of a thought,cos that process takes place even if one is aware or not of,alike a thought was found,words were found;alike words are found,books were written;alike books are written,knowledge arise..but,to come back to the origins of that knowledge,it is found already in the core of the human,in limit on a single book and read it it is something who might stop a while the need of knowledge for books of that kind,but,the mind change its orientation ,and another process it is created and yet,the mind advances...when a book that has been written provides some facts that were found in another book of that kind,similarities were found..and when the differences are about to be found,so alike,the mind finds..and this way,it is brought the concept of what is erroneous ,in many domains..cos,alike the author of a book,who had its own impression,or vision,so alike,one who soon reads a book,but gets another say that one should think upon other's way of thinking,may it be looked with superficiality,because ,as long as one,in that book which wrote it,didn't offered explanations from other view points,from different angles,it is born the concept of erroneous ,cos,one who will read that book,can misinterpret what discovers in that book...Then,the mechanism of mind,has the need of knowledge,but,too much knowledge,also,can harm one's mind..for that in the many books,it is encountered "knowledge" from different domains,but,when about to be explained from other angles,few books exists of that is a well-known fact that humans wanna know more,but,when about to discover,they ignore,or avoid..and from here,the chain of erroneous concept is being found,and,gives birth to dark chambers..
When one search a piece of rock,and describes it after,will give a clue of what that is;when other will search that piece of rock,and describes it,will give a clue of where it is;when two people search a piece of rock,and describe it,will give a clue of why it is and for what it is..and so on,cos soon the physicists arrive and they will say words about that rock,then the historians come by and will say words about that rock,then,chemists,saying words about that rock, painters and reproduce that rock,then critics and say words about what is represented through a painting..and yet,the chain of knowledge is not yet broken,cos,now,all of them gather near that painting and ask themselves if ,somehow,there are more words to be said...and now,came one who held that rock from the painting and gives it to everybody,saying: "from here,the need of knowledge"..for that what was about to be discovered,was not about the words defining what was discovered,cos,words have senses,and,sometimes,because of so many senses,words can become fake..but,once the need of knowledge is momentary stopped by direct experience of those things analised,the mind goes to another directions,for to discover something else...As conclusion,when a thing about be found it is searched..for that what is to be discovered, to become what was found..and when what is found,is brought into the light,arise something else to be found alike a missing piece ..this way,traces could be found everywhere,linked together,as a chain..and when the line of origins is maintained,the correct way of learning leads to knowledge based on the,this way,the need of knowledge is alike a fir of grass,arising from the earth..needs water,minerals,for that what was once a seed,now to be mature...
thanks for reading,stranger!


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