Friday, December 7, 2012

The Laws-Part4

The Laws


The Law of God and Church [The Law of Whom Is The Supreme One],is the last one ,as number..This LAW,gathers all the Laws according with Religion,and not only...For ones that have other religions,which is not christian,also,such LAW is applied,called The Law of Religion/Belief...So,no discriminations used in their case,as i just told...I've spoken from my side,as i have christian religion,as catholic and orthodox,because the Law is called The Law of God and Church;from others ' points of view takes the name of The Law of Religion...

All of us are ones governed by such LAW..even if we respect it more or less,we all are living under it and we all are governed by it...The Law of Religion has a very high place,being on top of all,because,after all,the soul has the desire for spirituality..Alike the Law of Universe,who only few people can live according with it,the Law of Religion have its own "people counted on fingers",because people who are more oriented to spirituality,can achieve high places on the levels of the spirit 's plan..examples as abbots, monks, priest, shamans, and etc people who have as mission on that world to bring peace, happiness, love, through spirituality..In the Law of Universe,is brought the concept of spirituality,but,even if will be maintained a high level,through a religious aspect,the soul 's salvation can be reached,to not forget !!! So,that makes that only the Law of God and Church/The Law of Religion to be the highest as place and to be considered as The Supreme Law,the BASE of all....

Will be continued…


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