Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Laws-Part3

The Laws


The Law of Universe,is a high law,the 3rd as number,but,even if is high,its place is as "non-existent" is called "the Law of Harmony" , "the Law of Ballance" , "the Law of Equilibrium";such big LAW,gathers the Law of Earth and the Law of Sky,unites them as one,creating a whole...Despite that has a high place,few persons are governed by it,living their lives according with the expression says "these people are counted on fingers"...why?!because,it is a law who re-unites the physic and the psychic principles..because it is hard,to live this way,very hard,for many people...for many of them,it is more esy to live under the other laws..

Here,under the Universe,Sky is found;Earth is found;their natural places are:below,the Earth,above,the Sky..

Here,under the Universe,what is found on Earth is part of Sky and what is found on Sky is part of Earth;for this way,Earth to exist on Sky and Sky to exist on Earth;their natural places are different,as structure or meaning,but,their root is the same;this way,the Earth has a Sky and the Sky has an Earth..Earth and Sky as one,in which one divides itself,giving birth to two.Zero is the base of all,which is nothing.The Universe is under the sign of number zero ( 0 ),cos,border is to what is finite and to what is infinite.Alike 1-1=0 and -1+1=0,the origins of all rely on the number zero,the meaning of Nothing..cos,from Nothing,was created all...

Here,under the Universe,people exist,but they do not exist,and yet are present,providing the idea of what existence is;people know truth,but what they know by truth it is when even a lie is not anymore a lie,and,this way,the lie becomes truth,as the source of all it is seen as truth,the source of all is seen in all;the way of seeing beyound it is showed always;the way of thinking beyound it is showed always;the way of feeling beyound,by love,it is showed always;the limits have no-limits and yet,what has no limits,even for those governed by the Law of Universe,have limits,limits imposed by The Creator..

Here,under the Law of Universe,all the things are naturally done because are seen as natural things;one mind 's judgement is not affected by the laws of physic and psychic,because it is seen beyound,having the same nature,but differences by place of their's heart is not affected by the laws of physic and psychic,because it is seen beyound,having the same root or core,but by differnces,distinguish them,for their natural use,according with their influence of the earth and sky,as elements,as Yin and Yang,as attributes,as negative and positive poles,as opposites but similarities,in the same time..this way,one's mind leads direct to the source and one's heart goes straight to origins...

Will be continued…


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