Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Laws-Part2

The Laws


The Law of Sky,is the 2nd law I wanna speak about,and,here are less people governed by it,than in the 1st mentioned class...Such LAW is connected to the principles pf psychic...

Here,under the Sky,the Earth...Here,under the Sky,is the place where all beings live;it is the place where it is found something good in bad,something beautiful in ugly,something true in a lie,something to be loved where is seen the hate,something rich to be seen in what is poor...

Here,under the Sky,people are more attracted of love than material (physical) things,people are more attracted to what is good,than to what is bad,people are attracted more of what is connected with the psychic laws...

Here,under the Sky,all what has something good gets having something bad,all what owns something bad has parts from what is good;all what is beauty has something ugly,all what is ugly has something beautiful ;what has love,has a bit of hate and what has hate,has a bit of love;all what may contain a drop of happiness,could have a drop of sadness,all what owns a drop of sadness,obey to a drop of happiness...

The Law of Sky has a high place,for it’s the 1st law which has as element the Sky,and is the positive pole,YANG as attribute...Ones governed by the Law of Sky are influenced according with it...more oriented to positivity,but also more oriented to a inside (inner) world...more oriented to love,than to material things,or to what appertains of physic..oriented more to love,because of the heart 's energy centre,who is increased in motion,and generates huge quantities of energies...the character of these people will be oriented to positivity and also to positive thinking...A inconvenient can be ,because of the fact that along with "too much heart energy",their centre of energy will be overloaded,their capacity of love being disturbed [by the influences of the element Earth--but is not yet the proper time to talk about these new subjects],and by un-ballanced emotions,it is generated the illusion concept,especially because their romanticism is always increased by the powers of the element Sky...the 1st category,ones governed by the Law of Earth,also,can become disturbed by the element Earth,by illusions or unnacomplished dreams,because of the fact that comes the desire for many things,generated by the lower energy centres..but,as i mentioned already,is not yet as subject all the processes and transformations on these energetic levels...i will speak,in the near future or in the far future,about these subjects..but,for the moment,i have a specified order in my mind 's archives,which i follow it,so,the subjects are brought to light,slowly by slowly,one after another,from my mind 's archives,created long time ago..
So,both laws that i mentioned above have characteristics according with their elements of,the Law of Earth appertains to the physic,and the Law of Sky appertains to the psychic..

Will be continued…


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