Saturday, December 8, 2012

Seasons – IV – Lovely days of winter


The winter season close the year,
Its cold wind blow,
Spreading the snow,
Another day,remembered now,with happiness..
I remember the birthday of my loved one,
And i smile..i think at her,again..
The time,is gone,
And has no blame..

Missing the childhood times,
I came back again,and the snow is all over;
Looks like a cover
For the ground..
How nice!
The wind blows,faster,
In a December day,
The traces of my steps,
Remained on the alley..
I go slowly,to meet my friends,
To speak of many things,
About the old times..

I wish that in the winter of this year,
To make a small sled,
For my sister..
She will be happy playing with it,
And she will smile,before to go to bed..
She'll hear her angel's whisper,
In her dream..
I'm sure of that!

Lovely days of winter,come,
Then let the place for others,
In the spring..
Another year,another seasons.
The old days,are gone..
Are past..
And then,future..
The whole evolution,
Brought by nature..
Lovely days..shared moments..


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