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Religion, Religiosity - part2

Religion and Religiosity


Now,let me tell about Religion..the religion,was also created by equations,patterns,,in ancient times,humans represented numbers,then symbols [which still numbers are by the way,but represented as images]..even Leonardo Da Vinci,made his paintings according with numbers and patterns..and all were called "Code" :) so funny all those people who said that "a code was invented once with Leonardo Da Vinci" :) fact,the CODE was invented many thousands of years before he to be born..he was just one human who realised the existance of a CODE..and exposed it through its paintings..that's why the painting are so real,that it is just "like are more than real" :) just because he made them from the Code and as a matter a fact,such equations and patterns were applied by many classic painters and therefore,is obviously why when a human looks upon their works,to see them so,the source of the code relies on numbers,patters are created this alike,was created the pyramids ,and etc things which people have tendency to name them "mystery" :) lol hehe.. when the human ignore and avoid,yes indeed,should be called "mystery" :) but,the basic structure of all rely on NUMBERS.. :) hehe.. now,alike the ancient people discovered ways for creating patterns based on equations,was born the concept of Deity,who was represented by a image..the source of all,relied always on a code formed from numbers,or by patterns..> so many numbers,so many deities :) very very simple all.. so many images,representing many deities..also,gathered in patterns,and was born the concepts as : Mandala,Pentacles, Magic Seals,and etc things alike..this way,since ancient times,was born the concept of RELIGION..and all,relied on numbers, patterns and the root was in EMPTINESS,which leads to Number Zero ( 0 ),0 leads to 1,and this way,multiplications,who built all,everything what we may see around,cos in the deepest structure of even a single piece of rock,rely a number..a,The Religion,was born..alike the numbers and had the tendency to multiply.This way,were born religions,many deities,the so called idols..etc things..Alike the numbers,which can form an equation,sometimes,if the numbers aren't fit,the ecuation leads to a false,leads to something who is built and falls,alike a alike,the numbers had tendency to built,to create..but,also,had tendency to destroy... as for religions..many were meant to create,but beyond, for to destroy..this way,the Religion was one having as purpose to gather patterns based on moral laws and code,for to restrain the voracious desires of people,to restrain a bit from the chaos who can always rise,from a i said,numbers try always to multiply,so,if the multiplication process is quicker,wrong formulas arise,leading to chaos..alike a correct multiply ,a positive pattern,a creation cycle..alike a non-correct multiply,a negative pattern,a destruction,religion was created for gathering patterns as one,to make the individuals to be aware of positive and negative patterns..for that the religion's purpose was "to control" the changes of patterns of a human..because the patterns,in their multiplication process,could conduct to disasters..and as conclusion,was created the religion,for to control 1st of all, the masses be obtained an equilibrium,in the human..but,alike negative patterns,so this way,the religion concept was multiplied...this way,people,hungry and voracious in their creativity,made another patterns,based on the 1st pattern of the basic concept of religion..,creation told its world,and were born other religions,who supposed to gather more patterns,which could be considered either negative,either positive.. the religion was ONE,but people made a difference from it,and made thousands of religions..On the base of the equations and patterns.. the religion,took a very high place in a human life..but,alike the wrong patterns,many thought that is better to force human in accepting religion..then,was born the concept of WAR..on the base on Voraciousity..because the human,who considered itself a leader,in its pride,thinking that it is im-powered by religion,considered that another one should be just alike,and doen't matter if that person wants or not,should to accept its religion..this way,were the Crusaders,in ancient times,which by blood and crimes forced others to convert to the religion , calling it "their religion"..TRUTH is that "nothing has the human,cos even the number 0 and still a human didn't invented it" [of course,i said it because i live under the Law of Universe] [so,do not take it as not my concern what is your belief]..From these angles,rise the idea that not RELIGION was a mistake..a mistake was "the way of spreading it",the religiousity...Propagandists,were found everywhere,and ,was born other religions,because those who heard a propaganda,took what they considered as good,and rejected another concepts and invented others,instead the primary,this way,different sects..The sectarians know too well about the way of controlling others by religion..and,too bad,cos the poor people who follow them, follow as blinds ,some concepts who doesn't concern them any at all..this way,alike one called Anton LaVey,who was a fouder of a so called "satan's bible" ..and later,was built the "the church of satan",in London,GB..protected by law ,who say that "everyone it is free to do everything"..this way,the religion was affected by the negative powers ,because "what should be for to bring order,should had something who will bring chaos,disorder".. Honest,i do not care what they do and whom they conduct into forever darkness..i am not concerning any at all,what can happend in future with the world..because,i do not wanna be part of it..i am part of it,but i do not intercome..because,i will be just like others,who it is a good known fact that "try to control" wanned to speak and give some details about "religion and religiousity"...Here,are many things to be said..i will tell another things,in my next entry,of this so called "diary"..i will speak about about the basic religions,and to give an answer of a question,who many said that "God is Buddha?God is Brahma?God is Allah?"..and,then,i will provide answers for those questions..and then,who will understand,good,who doesn’t ,still good will be..cos,for me,is not into my mind to change someone's view points of life or other concepts :) hehe.. i just say many things,and who has wish to read and know more about many subjects,it is always my guest in to read all that i write in a so called "diary" :) hehe..and for sure,it’s a fact that I’m open to public or private discussions towards my subjects.
thanks for reading,stranger!


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