Thursday, December 6, 2012

Religion, Religiosity - part1

Religion and Religiosity
This is the entry no.3,of a so called "diary";now it is the proper time to start another subject and to discuss it...among the multitude of subjects to discuss ,i chose one, common to many people: "Religion and Religiosity"...
So many differences,between us all..! many as we to walk blind one day and still asking what we really see in all ! Even since the human found out what is religion all about,and still wasn't enough,and because wasn't enough,created a so called "war" which the religiosity was propagated finally by using force..We should look back in the past,in ancient times,in which many gods were present,and the deification processes continued even untill these days,part of our everyday's life..then,many say "what's past is past" or something alike,but how many from those asking themselves these questions,try to see that what was once in ancient times,it is still present?! so many worshippers today,and when they are asked they say that "i do not practice idolatry" i shall record one's speech and then i will replay his/her words,and i will ask "then,why u call a human,your "idol" ? " and the answer will always come at me,by logic,cos even a logic proper used,and i will show that has no logic..many use logic because this way they learnt ,as 1+1=2.But they are not to be blamed of something [according my principles, found in the Law of Universe].Why?! Because all they do it is natural..they live under the Law of Earth of under the Law of,all they do it is natural..They have idols?! So what?! We are a free world,everyone should do what wants,no?! Then,who i am to tell someone what should he or she to do? That's why,according with the Law of Universe,all should be seen and judged beyound all the differences.So,if i will be asked one day, "if i consider a mistake when someone has idols",my answer always should be "should i?!" because i do not intercome in someone's life. Was invented the Free Will,so,what i have to do with someone's free will? If i will do something,i will be just like "how others were,starting wars,in the name of Religion".At me,logic has no logic,and to give example: one who lives under the Law of Earth or under the Law of Sky,has as patterns, equations as :0+1+2=3. Truth?! Yes,indeed. One who lives under the Law of Universe, has as patterns, ecuations as: 0+1+2=3 , 0=0; 0=1; 0=2; 0=3; 1=0; 1=1; 1=2; 1=3; 2=0; 2=1; 2=2; 2=3; 3=0; 3=1; 3=2; 3=3. Truth?! on logic,no! :) hehe,..except 0=0;1=1;2=2;3=3. [only in these ones,it is truth,according with Logic].But,i think under another Law,which is Abstract;not anymore Logic. So,if ,somehow,u wanna know what patterns i use,according with my law,i might tell you,one day,if u will ask me..but,i do not tell now,because "not about me it is the subject proposed to discuss"..
So,why i gave,these equations?! and what about the patterns?! and what connection have with religion and religiosity? Very simple. Alike the human DNA,which is formed from different equations,gathered in chains of information,so alike,our differences ..Each structure of DNA has something which can be explained better in equations,contexts..So alike,were invented,in ancient times,sciences which can be considered "roots of equations"..yes,indeed..civilisations which had science that in our days can be called science-fiction,as many mysteries ,or others kind,full of mysticism..alike the pyramids of Egypt,which from satellite all of them form some angles which have good connections with different constellations,and all,based on precisely calculations ,equations in patterns never discovered before..and,yet,now,the scientists,even if only Now discovered them,and still can't figure out how all the pyramids were built,for to form a so precisely angle in contellations..with all this present science and technology,and still they can not figure out what is all about ..hehe...but they never will figure out,if they do not stop with that LOGIC ..the thinking based on logic leads to no logic,and they still don't get it and spent tons of dollars doing nothing :) hehe and still they ask themselves what technology had human in those ancient times.. lol :) hehe.. anyway,to come back at the initial subject..yes,indeed,all it is about equations,patterns.. because of the numbers,were formed many so called formulas,and then,patterns based on numbers..then,patterns based on different signs/symbols..if to each symbol and sign should be included in a formula based on numbers,the things will be more complicate,the patterns also..then,means that the human invented the Symbols for that to calculate more easy,because of the symbols,were created another ones,more complicate,but simple in the same,this way,a simple symbol,which covered inside a formula based on numbers,should be combined with another,for that to become more easy,were developed another symbols,for to be created something who will gather all the symbols before,in just alike,patterns..a pattern became more complicate in time,because should be developed into another one,who to gather 2 patterns,or 10,or 100,for that,in just one pattern,was included all the other ones,then,that Pattern was simplified so that in One Pattern,to include all the other ancient ones.. That was the connection between numbers that i gave you through equations,and patterns..i gave them to you,for that u to understand "how all were developed",what connections have all these mentioned with Religion?! I told you that were created equations,patterns,symbols.. It is a well-known fact that the human has something in it,who makes the human to believe in something..the Divine Spirit from a human,makes that human to believe in something;even if a human is born and it is christian as religion,still in "something" he or she will have to believe,when will grow is a desire from inside,can not be implemented in its head :) hehe ,which means that even if a human when is born,is not christian as religion,still will have "something in which he or she will believe,when will grow up",the DNA from the human has its structure on patterns,chains,if are made equations from,still patterns will be,in characters,evolution of that human will be according with some patterns...of course,all can be inter-changeable,so,the patterns can change,once with age..this way,changes of characters of people,because of the patterns from inside of its DNA..
…Will be continued…
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