Sunday, December 9, 2012



There she is,the leader of birds,
I say,watching the sky,
Knowing she's there,
I wish,like her,to fly..
To take her wings and fly away,
Across the earth;

In the beginning,i'll go in south,
To see the ice-land,
To smile,when i see the penguins
On those little icebergs,jumping around,
Then,in water,quickly,to dive,
Allowing me to make a photo,merry,
Gathering parts of their life,
And one day,to turn the album's page,in hurry,
And from my face,arising,slowly,
A color of a smile...

Then,in my second journey,
I wish to go in north
Where i should find the Arctic Ocean,
Constatly covered by ice,
And looking the sun,
There,above horizon,
In the summer,
I would have a wish,of coming back,
To watch it down,
In winter,
When i should become friendly with a polar bear,
Or maybe with a ringed seal?!
I wonder...
Will i show it to my friends,
The beautifull pics
When they are sad?!
Will i get their smile back before,
Alike used to be once
And now,isnt anymore?!
Will i find in these a way of showing a wonderfull world,
Just borrowing for a while,the wings of fire's bird,

I'll head to east,right after that,
In my third journey,
To watch the sunrise,on the asian land,
To hold a unique pearl in my hand,
Just for a minute more,then,happy,
To make a wish and throw the pearl into the sea,
Back where belongs?!
Will that day have significance in my life,
Alike the trees have,for the many birds?
Will be a chance,somehow,to find one other soul,to show me,
Its shared moments of sorrow and happiness,
Describes in words,alike the shapes of the middle mountain,where,the rocks,
Falling down,reaching in the valley,
Where,among the palm-trees,there's the ancient statues,
Artistical expressions,of the many sculptors,
Of those times,
And the people now,walking on that alley,
To watch amazed the mythologic way of nature,
To show parts of it,inside its core?!
Alike when in ancients's stories,Phoenix,bird of fire,
Rise on sky,climbing,
Higher ,and higher,
To take the souls of people,below,dying,
Up there,in the celestial places,
In the sun?!

I'll head over west,then,to watch the sunset,
An yellow sun forming the palette of colors,which i have to find it,
Or to find that painter who animated all,to happend in such way,
Alike at dusk,the ending of a day,
To be a new one,for the moon,quickly rising higher,
Over and over again,the romantic ones,watching without rest,
And the hum of their hearts,
Alike the little bees,near a flower,
Make round circles,
With desire,
Of emotions,
More,and more,
And those sparkles,of the fire,
In their front,
To remain in their memories,always..
Will it look alike Phoenix's wings,
Softly,beating,spread out wide,on sky,
Earlier,blue with white,
Now,yellow mixed with orange,red and violet,
Who's always in my sight,
Alike the colors of life,
Seven at their number,
Specter of light?!

If i'll ever find that bird,i'll ask her to give me her wings,
And although is myth,for some,for me,is real,
And her name is The Bird Of Fire,PHOENIX,
Representing dreams,
Covered now,in the end,with a seal...


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