Thursday, December 6, 2012

Path To A Lore

Path To A Lore

This is a new entry of a so called "diary"..many things still about to be brought back to light,just for ones who search to discover... When i am asked what i search,i say always that i search what i have to know..and what i know it is nothing,but by nothing i will know many things,alike from nothing was created all..
I choose now a subject to discuss,which will be…"Path to a lore"..
For those who serve their souls by wisdom,pride is not found;for that when one has pride,can not stand up for what has no pride;those who judge by mind,when using intelligence,poison can develop always,because to be alike a fox means clever but also when clever,may it be corrupted...and the fox,to not forget that may it be very clever,but full of falsity...great power as intelligence may become poison by pride,cos,to not forget that for having great intelligence,power of mind it is vital,but,what is power may seduce,and,one who is not adviced,may become in time controlled by what he/she think that controls...ones who know what intelligence is,can use it for what is right or use it for what is bad,but,many must know that lore is not the same with intelligence...One who search for pride can easy find it when occurrences happens so that intelligence deppends on who search for no pride can easy find it when occurrences happens and then intelligence is denied...cos,truth is that a denied power,becomes non-power ,lose its value,and because what is lost already will not be found,may it be gained,as a new cycle arise,by losing and winning,cos,for when lore is found there’s nothing lost ,nor can be lost,when it is present all the time?!how can be won,when it was also present,all the time?! can be something lost,or won,when keeps the same nature always?!..Great respect to one ancient,called Lao Tseu,who said: "In life,there's nothing lost,neither won;everything transforms itself". Truth he said,and i have respect for one who said many truths!
When one knows what has to be found,knows also how to find it;when one knows what it must be found but doesn’t know where to search,makes use of intelligence..but,when using lore,one just starts searching..where to be searched?! who knows?! What does it matter?!just search,doesn't matter where! important fact is that one is searching; have no lead,means this a primary clue,to those searching using lore..cos,having a lead,a trace,means using intelligence,alike the fox who calculates all time the possibilities of hunting down a rabbit,but,when one doesn’t have a lead,a trace,search for to find and not for hunting as a predator...the hunter use intelligence cos when hunting, keeps all the time a bow and a arrow,searching always for a possible target,but one who doesn’t hunt,remain and wait for observation and when observing, doesn’t intercome...what is the use of killing a bird,and maybe even selling it instead eating it,when better is alternative for relieve it from a trap? what feeling has one imprisoning a bird and what feeling has one setting it free?! cos,truth is that both have feelings,but,the hunter has feelings corrupted by the need of killing and the watcher has feelings un-corrupted who seeks for a trace finds no trace and one who doesn’t seek that trace finds not only one trace,but many traces..;one searching using intelligence,seeks for a foot-print,for a broken leaf,for a lead of searching using lore,observes by not searching,becomes aware by not watching,hears by not-hearing,smells by not-smelling,thinks by not-thinking,feels by not-feeling,and,this way,one who will seek for nothing,finds something;one who will see nothing will see something;one who hears nothings will hear something;one who smells nothing,smells something;one who thinks nothing,thinks something;one who feels nothing,feels something..what is that Nothing and what is that Something?! if will be explained these by intelligence ,will be discovered;better,when it is experienced,for that by lore, will be dicovered..Where it is the pride of a hunter?! in its bow or arrow?in the dead body of a bird,now lying on the ground?! where is the inglorious way of the observer?! in its natural character?! for that when was found one with a clever mind,by what was it found,if not by the one denying the quality of intelligence?!?! cos,truth is that even one with a lore,knows what intelligence is,but,denies it,for to judge beyound,using wisdom...cos,in "the brain" it is found the intelligence,but within the soul,it is found lore...and what is on surface,where is intelligence found?!,and what is inside the core,where is wisdom found?! One who must seek for a hunter will find it in a fox and one who will seek for a fox will find it in a seeking for nothing will find it in something and one searching for something will find it in a that looks for the arrow lost by the hunter's bow,will find it in the body of that bird,now,lying dead already,on the ground..but,how many wonder,if not,somehow,the bird was already dead,and the hunter just accomplished its mission?! cos,the time for that bird to fall-down came,but who to realize what was already predicted?!for that one who observe, to see what can not be seen,it is alike the hunter,who thinks that its arrow will complete its mission in the forest, because was hunting down the bird set under this way,from observer becomes hunter and from hunter becomes observer,by using intelligence,cos alike the fox,who see,hides,sneaks,attacks,so alike,a hunter,using,when now the bird it dead,proud it is the hunter,proud will be even more,because others will watch its trophy!!! but,when about to remember one day,one who was hunting now it is one haunted,maybe even haunted by voracity,cos,alike the intelligence,who is not satisfied by its gain,and that's why loses,but wins..and wins by losing and lose by who use intelligence lose or wins,one who use lore doesn’t lose,doesn’t win, realizing that what was already present and can not be lost and neither won..great path to lore it is,to be alike an observer,and not alike a hunter..great path to lore is to not think at winning,or losing...great path to lore is to not have pride..great path to lore is to deny but in the same time to accept,to accept but in the same time to deny,for that it is understood as the same source,and therefore.. the north is south and to the south is north, the east is west and the west is east; when south and north,west and east,are the same, or despite their differences by place,have the same nature,only then,great path to lore it is,always;so… let’s not forget,each of us has its own place in what was predicted already...
thanks for reading,stranger!


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