Saturday, December 8, 2012

Midnight Question


Answers found,
In one's mind..
When they look at the sky,above
And beyound..
The death,came on our land...
When people forgot that virtue,of love
And,oh!,some of us sigh..and is heard the sound..
If only..
If only they will realise
How hard it is to gather kindness..
But how easy
Is for them
To gather madness..
The madness of those who believe
And are being called crazy..
Of,but for them
Everything is easy..
They can smile,
They can laugh,
But they realised
How many moments
Have left from their life?
When they do not care,
They forget the soul
And they bring a nightmare
In reaching their goal..
Proudly,they say are strong..
Of,but so badly
Is their so much called "choice"
And they wrong..
Some of us know
What may happend
In ur question,the answer is found..
U should know..
The night falls,
U say a pray,
The next day comes
And should be a happy day..
So,find ur happiness
Into sadness..
Cos the tear that u left falling down
From your eyes..
Is the future sun
Of those sunny days..
Forget by not forgetting,
Gather by not keeping,
And in here,
Will be seen the Virtue..
And your tear,
Will be one of joy..a clue..
A clue of where the happiness
May be found,
There's not place for a sadness..
Neither for being proud..
U asked
If anyone cares of fate?
Why you stay now,
Why i responsed to you?
One as you,
Who have faith,
Have doubt?
Better say a pray
To our Lord Jesus,and..
Good thing u do..
And those lead in astray,
Maybe will do as you..
To pray..
And now,
A new day..
And the sound
Of the voices beyound,
Have a good day!


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