Friday, December 7, 2012

I still think at you,Joy Marie

I still think at you,Joy Marie..

I still think at you,my dearest one from all my Friends,Joy Marie,
A live remembrance of a woman loved,from my past,
Wide alike sky,deep alike sea,
Filling my eyes with its light...
May the years change around us,and one day,being old,
To remember the honest words,in our letters,told,
We'll be somewhere on a bench,smiling,
Hearing the wind's calling..
Alike a flute sound,the leafs in their hum,make noise,
Falling slowly,slowly,down...
It wasnt their choice,
To be there,on the ground;
Was the nature's way and law
Who brought in the autumne's rainy clouds,
The 7 colors of rainbow
And the rain stoped those days..
I will still remember u,my dear Friend,Joy Marie,
As with the same eyes to look at u,
Wishing,curious alike a baby,to see,
If the prayer to our Lord,for u,
Brought happiness and peace,
In ur life..
I still think of you,Joy Marie,
Alike in past,day by day,
Wishing to be near you,
To hold you,
To whisper these words:
"I love you,Joy Marie,my dearest Friend,
I wish to be with you,as much you do"...
I will be on a bench,when,old,watching the sky,
Remembering my past,i will smile,
I will find again the happiness,
Before i die..
I will live my life as it is...
So wonderfull is the life when u love!!!
I reach to sigh,looking to the sky above,
Thinking when will be that moment when i'll close my eyes..
I will see then,a Friend from my past,happy;
I will know then that my prayers were listened
And once again,i will smile...
I will join a new life,there,near my beloved waterfall...
Then,looking at the water,i will whisper a call;
The same flute sound,
Looking beyound,i will know something:
Peace that was found,
Again,from nothing...
But i will still think of you,Joy Marie...

poem dedicated to Joy Marie G.Solomon


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