Sunday, December 9, 2012

Heart & Mind – Conversation – Mind’s Reward


Mind...cold...alike ice,
Heart...warm...alike fire..
I ask,in a whisper:
"With what price
My heart's desire,
Rewards the mind?"
Sudden,i hear their conversation:
What's wrong?!What is it?!
What doesn't fit?!
Mind?!...I'm waiting...
When that answer's coming?!...
With my breath of ice,
Heart,i will freeze you
And that's the price
I always ask you...
Ah,Mind,with my robe of warmth,
I'll surround you
And that's my reward
That i'll always offer you...
Then,Heart,i will challenge you
And,no peace will be found in my war
Against you...untill the end,
You will fall...
Then,i will freeze you...
No,you won't,Mind;
Using the physic eyes to see,
Doesn't make me blind;
But contrary,i say,happy:
Let the ice be upon ur thoughts
And not on me;
I have emotions to show,feelings,
As you may see...
In a war,there's no victory,
From you,but only loss...
1000 thoughts,if may have ur army,
But even so,u'll be defeated...
Only a warrior,i'll send u;
One that can not be harmed
And its shield,more powerfull than yours,
Alike a diamond,unbreakable,
Will reflect the sunrise of a morning after,
The morning when Mind lost the battle...
May your thoughts have each one,a skill,
But my warrior,has Faith,has Will,
So,be adviced,Mind,
Don't be blind...
Better take the peace by Peace,
Not by war...
And as reward,u'll have a key,
To my fortress's door...
I will send you two warriors,
One of jade,one of mercury
And they'll be ur personal guard...
That's my reward,Mind,for you,
Fulfill my desire,now..."
In that moment,i heard their conversation...
Was the answer,indeed,to my question...


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