Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fragment from the book of lore


[The Woman]:"I see a fragment here,in the Book of Lore,
It is underlined,but,in another language,
How i'm gonna read it?How i'll understand its core?
Old man,show me the path,read me the
fragment,u know that language,cos u are sage"
[The Monk]:"You have wish to know,
I have wish to show you;
This way,u'll reach to understand;ur
mind,like a star,will glow,
And,now,reading from the Book of Lore,i tell you:

"Who is the most wise"

"Once upon a time,was a savant who wanned
to know who is the most wise between the
two great sages of that time,represented by
the Pilgrim of the eastern lands and the
Pilgrim of the western lands...and the
savant conceived a plan for finding who is
the most wise between them...but,indeed,his
plan failed..but,nothing's lost,cos,untill
the end,he found answer into his question...
The plan of the savant was to make the
sages to test themselves and,through that
"competition",he to know who is the most
wise...And,the story tells that the
savant,went to the east,where the pilgrim
of the eastern lands,was found...
[The Savant]:"Good day!Are you the sage of the eastern lands?!"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Have a good
day,too,my brother..But,why you think that i might be a sage?"
[The Savant]:"Because the people call you this way"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Indeed,may them say
many things...but,all of us,could say many things.."
[The Savant]:"Aren't you that one who
travels always on the eastern lands?"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"But,all of us,travel
on these lands of East.."
[The Savant]:"But people say that you are
that sage that i search for it.."
[The Pilgrim of East]:"But,as one who finds
in me a sage,is sage,as you find in me a
sage,then,all of us,are sage"
[The Savant]:"But,aren't you the sage of
East and have a brother who is the sage of West?"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"But,as the East is
brother of West,as the West is brother of
East,all we are brothers,from West to
East,from East to West.."
[The Savant]:"But,please,tell me if you are
called "The Pilgrim of East"..."
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Indeed,as i am
called this way,means that i am that one
that u search it...Then,why you wish
testing me,with your clever mind,my
brother,instead to just tell me your
problem and to help you,this way?"
[The Savant]:"Indeed,as one who test you,i
am,,please excuse me,but i really wanna
know "who is the most wise between you and
your brother,the Pilgrim of West?"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Truth you told,but
another truth,i tell you..if u wish to
know,then,come with me.."
And the story goes on,the savant and the
pilgrim reaching the western lands,where
they met with the Pilgrim of West...
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Blessed you to be,by God,my brother!"
[The Pilgrim of West]:"You be blessed
too,my brother!Many years passed and our
body is now old,but,moments,seconds,for our
heart,were,and young as always young are
ones who love;we both are old,but
young;yesterday,you have left,and
now,today,you came back!"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Truth you said,my
brother,cos indeed,one wished to remain on
Eastern Lands and other,on Western
Lands..for that even so,distance is no
distance and brothers into mind and heart
as we are,you're present,in East,i'm
present in West..The reason of my visit is
destiny's choice to see my brother in
person and then,to show to one who was lead
by destinty in setting this meeting and see
you,the answers that he looks for,as he
wants to know who is the most wise between
us.." ,,,said the pilgrim of East,smiling...
[The Pilgrim of West]:"I also wanned to see
you in person,and God's Will was this
way,as you to be now here,in person,talking
with me,of old times,my brother...As for
you,one who are savant,u are our friend,and
we would like helping you to find answers
to your and my brother,will
talk many things,and u will surelly
know,from our discussions,who is the most
wise..." ,,,said the pilgrim of West,laughing...
[The Savant]:"But,i won't get a word,from
your manner of speaking..for that my mind
is based upon Logic,and your minds are
based on Abstract,defined by
No-Logic..and,this way,i can't find out
answer in my question...So,can you reveal
me,not through words,but by
facts,gestures,who is the most wise?!"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Then,let's go to the East!!!"
...And,this way,they went to East;then,they
came back to West;in the left side,stand
the pilgrim of East,in the middle,the
savant,and in the right side,the pilgrim of
West...And they traveled from East to
West,from West to East,for three days
time...The poor savant,was more tired than
ever,his feet,bleeding of wounds,because of
so much walking without rest,water and
food..and in his mind,always he said
something as "Maybe this way,they test
themselves,and who can't walk anymore and
falls down,is the weakest one hehehe,i have
to keep the rhytm with them,for to see who
falls down first and then,i will surelly
know who is the most wise between
them"...After three days and nights of
travelling,the pilgrim of East,say to the savant:
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Now,u know who is the most wise?"
[The Savant]:"Everything you did,the other
one,did the same and,no differences i,i coulden't notice who is the most
wise..may you two show me another way,and i
to figure who is the most wise?"
[The Pilgrim of East]:"Since my way was not
usefull for you,my brother will show
you,through another way,who is the most wise"
[The Pilgrim of West]:"I'm glad that i was
tasked to show you,so,let's go to West!"
,,,said the pilgrim smiling...
...And,the story goes on,this way..and all
went to the Western Lands,and,reaching
those areas,came to the sea,entered in the
water...and the savant was in the
middle,the pilgrim of East was in the right
side,and the pilgrim of West,in the left
side...and in the water they stand,for
three days and nights..both pilgrims did
that: they took water in their palms held
like a cup,and then let the water from
their hands to flow back in the sea..and so
on,doing the same this
time,the savant started saying in his mind:
"eh,they measure the water and who counts
more,during this time,its the most
wise"...and the savant started to count how
many times the pilgrims take water,to be
sure that will be a correct
counting..but,after a whole day counting
,the savant rennounced,for that he noticed
that they do the same gesture in the same
time,so ,he was thinking that if one will
make a wrong gesture,is the one who will be
considered the weak one..but,even so,the
mind of the savant was troubled,because
now,he was almost waisted of watching them
closely to see their movement..
After three days and nights,the pilgrim of
West,said to the savant:
[The Pilgrim of West]:"Now you understand
who is the most wise?"
[The Savant]:"Oh,i still coulden't get
it;all you do,its the same!and no
differences!!! so,if u two will show me
again a way,i will be glad..but this
time,you to do something different,and i am
sure that i will notice this way who is the
most wise..Can you two do that,please?"
The pilgrims,after a while of thinking,said
both,to the savant:
[The Pilgrim of East][The Pilgrim of
West]:"Come with us,to understand who is the most wise!"
...And,the story goes on,as this way:the
pilgrims took a rope,split it in two equal
pieces..then,they took two leafs from a
tree and then they attached each leaf to
each piece of rope..and now,the pilgrim of
East was walking and holding in his hands
the rope and this way,the leaf was on the
ground,alike a little dog held in a
leashe..the pilgrim of West held the leaf
in his hands and the rope let it free on
the ground..and this way,they both were
doing something different,but the same,in
the same time..alike the savant
wanned...they walked this way,for three
days and three nights,from East to West and
from West to East,and changing their
places,as from five in five
minutes,changing the left side with the
right side,around the savant,and changing
also the manner of holding the rope and the
leaf..this way they did,alike in a childish
game,all the way over they went,and the
savant,was very dissapointed this
dissapointed that he was even crying that
he can't figure out who is the wisest from
the pilgrims..and in the third day,the
savant,understod,and said:
[The Savant]:"Stop!That's enough!Now,i get it!"
[The Pilgrim of East][The Pilgrim of
West]:"Who is the most wise,between us?"
[The Savant]:"Both of you are,there's no one more wise than
other..despite all the differences,is seen
the equality"and,the pilgrims,said:
[The Pilgrim of East][The Pilgrim of
West]:"As one who saw beyound all
differences,and,this way,discovering the
concept of equality,you,one that was
savant,you became now one who's wise...for
that,one who disover into other that is
wise,is also wise,because through the
virtue's way,it found equality..but,may in
this world be sages among sages,but even
so,what we all have,is just a small,small
drop,from that seed called Wisdom..and,only
our Creator is The True Beholder of
us,just small,small,tiny fragments..
[The Monk]:"Now,woman,do u found answers
into your questions?Do not tell them to
me,keep them for you,as you are that one
who was searching them,in the Book of Lore.."
[The Woman]:"Thank you,old one..i can say
that i've learnt something.."
[The Monk]:"No,u already had that
knowledge..the Book of Lore,just showd
you,like a mirror,the questions and the
answers,that were in your mind.."
[The Woman]:"Thank you..but,when the little boys are coming?"
[The Monk]:"Soon.. very soon..just wait .."


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