Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flying among clouds


There they are!
White clouds,of a Sky,
Does it really matter?anyway,it is so far;
So far away of us..instead asking why,
Better bring those clouds,
Here,right in front of us..
Wouldent be so nice to touch them,
Giving them some shapes,alike a painter,
Drawing first,some lines,
Then,doing some contours,
Finally,adding color,
From its palette?!But,u see,for such clouds,
Needs many kinds of brushes,
Many forms of color combinations..
Isnt so alike when looking around,
Watching everyday people,alike me,
Alike you,counting differences?!
And you're still wondering why the clouds
arent here on earth
But them are there on sky?!
Because there's a natural law;
We,people,living here,together,
Or at least,supposing we live in peace and love,
Will go one day,up there
And each one will have a place alike its
acts,during its life..
We'll go up there,and some of us,full with love,
Will touch,for a second,that rainbow,
Will take its brush and be a painter in the rain,
Will draw,perhapse,some lines,
Then,comes the wind,it blows..
Mixes the colors,
Forming the clouds,
Spreading them around,
Alike the water drops we may see,here,
In front of us,now,on the ground..
Is it really raining?!
Asks a child,pulling on our hands..
We have a look back,turning our body and
trying to figure out who he is..
We one..
We keep asking ourselves if was our
imagination,or,was it real?!
An angel touched our hands?
We remain,for a second,wistfull..or maybe we'll look above,
Will watch amazed what a painter drawed for us..
Inside our hearts,we give birth to a hope,
A small one,to reach there,to touch the violet clouds..
Isnt such a miracle what God created for humans?
He created a whole world of beauty...
He drawed all,up to the finest details,
In just seven days..
The question is: we can draw now the clouds,
On a piece of paper
And the clouds to have the colors of whom we are,
To be a representation of our soul?!
Would u catch wings just looked how looks
ur soul on the painting,
Alike me,being a mirror,already,and showing myne?
We all can fly among clouds...
We can get wings when we love..
That little boy who pulled our hands,
Was maybe our guardian angel..
When u was little child,u were saying that small prayer..
Do u still remember?!
If it happends that u forgot of ur guardian angel,
Would u fly among clouds,
To search for it?!
Conclusion: If u wish to fly and u need wings,
Search inside ur soul the small child..
Have u seen it there,near the corner of its bed,praying?
Just go now to a little girl or boy,and ask
it to draw u an angel flying among clouds..
You will be amazed of what u'll realize;
U wont see maybe a beautifull painting alike u can do,
Maybe will look weird,just some
drawings...lines,random,alike my verses of
that poem,with no rhymes,
But u will see the smile that u dont have it anymore;
Take that smile coming from a little boy or
girl,inside ur heart,
Keep it there,to heal your wound,
Then,u will watch urself flying among clouds...


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