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A new entry i made,is for those who read my so-called "journal";this way,by offering,you will become one who is aware..As a subject for that entry,i,one who live under the Law of Universe,i choosed to describe life,starting with that new group of entries,whih are 4 at number,and,this way,a painting it is described,in all..the painting starts with a back and white drawing,called as subject: "EARTH"


Here,on Earth,all the things are naturally done,by those who know their use;proper or not,may it be their way of utility,but,full of differences,it is..
Here,on Earth,a square has been found as form,or shape...for that the Earth,may be it round,seen from space,but as a square is seen by those who live on it...This way,the immage of a square,is round and the image of what has curbes,has lines,by corners...
Here,on Earth,people govern lands,but what they govern,do not belong to them...what stays in the hand of a human,when dust helds,in its palm,may it be considered as what one has,and what is found in that human 's hand,may it be considered as what belongs to it,and one must be aware that what is not held in hand,how will belong?!?!?!Cos,lands are the grounds on what one steps on,so,how them can belong to one that do not have them?!?!?!That's why,here,on Earth,people own things who do not belong to them,but,the things belong to them;are people  who are lords and kings of the things that they do not own,but they own,but they are lords and kings,by something that they do not have as position,but they have as place,high position,and that's why they have what do not belong and they belong to what they have;people who own what doesn't belong to them,own those things that they say that they own,but,nothing is what they own,but they still own..That's why,the lands become tools of wars,sometimes,because are too many owners;even one owner to be,of the whole land found on Earth,and,still a war will have tendency to arise,cos now,one who may own the whole land,will keep the whole land for itself,conducted by voracious desires,provided by what do not,with other words,...,Here,on Earth,the lands of ones who do not own them,are being considered as belonging to them,for that's the reason that what may belong,to not always appertain and what may be owned,is not always owned...cos,when belongs,is not owned and when do not belongs,may be owned...this way,one may own what do not belongs and one may belong to what owns it...The Earth owns people by not-owning,people owns the Earth by belonging;the Earth owns people because people belong to Earth and that's why,their physic bodies will be dust,when their physic life stops,but the Earth is the owner of their bodies,now dust became..that's why,people belongs to Earth,and that's why the Earth may belong to people,but one must remember that one is not the owner of what do not belongs to it and also,to remember that one belongs to one who created it...
Here,on Earth,are things seen by differences, alike: poor, or, rich; ugly, or, beauty; short, or, long; soft, or,  rigid;  bad, or, good; lie, or, truth; hate, or, love; silly, or, intelligent; dark, or, light; night, or, day; opposite, or, a single word,all is seen by differences...natural way,to be this-like,here,on Earth,cos,each one has its own place,for that is the proper use of them,by distinguish them...when one will be aware of all these,will know that: what may be poor,is not always poor;may it be considered as poor,by place or order,or may be seen as rich by origins;what may be rich,it is seen as rich,by what is poor and because of what is poor,has characteristic of what is rich,so,what is rich takes a place of order,provided by what is poor..what is rich,provides a place to one and is seen as what is poor,and what is poor,provides a place to one who is seen as what is rich...what can be seen as rich,can be found as poor and what may be considered as poor,can be rich;one should be aware of the fact that here,on Earth,the natural way of one rich is to discover the sense of one poor and one poor will know the utility of one who is rich;this way,one is aware of the complementary between one rich and one poor...Here,on Earth,ugly and beauty is seen according with their places,still,by difference,for distinguish them.This way,what is ugly,may be beautiful,but considered as ugly,for that beautiful,here,on Earth,is seen through a physic law,and,natural place is this way,into all,cos the influence is made by the power of Earth,through a negative pole,who determinate/persuade future actions...this way,what is ugly,may be it ugly,but,not always;what is beauty may be it beauty,but,not always;cos ugly becomes beaty and beauty becomes ugly,because the source of all rely on the cycle of a change...primary actions of a new cycle,the beauty transforms into ugly,and ugly,transforms into beauty,but,always,the processes of transformations,inter-related,are all...Here,on Earth,what is matter of short,may be seen as long and what could be long,may be it as short,so as long,have their natural use,by their measure...for that what is long is measured through what is short,for that the short provides,through transformation,what is long...connected always may them be,short and long,but,by differenciating them is seen as their place of use,according with their natural opposition;but,one must be aware of the similarity between what is short and what is long,for that not always,what seems to be as similar,is opposite...Here,on Earth,what is soft,or,rigid,are seen this way through differences...softness becomes rigid and what is rigid become soft;what is rigid can be found in softness and through softness can be discovered what is rigid...but here,on Earth,laws of physic generates rigidity to what is rigid and softness to what is soft,but not always,cos,rigid is rigid,until transforms itself into softness;so alike,for softness to become rigid..this way,what is rigid may overcome what is soft,and what is soft may surround what is rigid..this way,what was found as rigid has its place,and the same,in case of what is soft..this way,one must be aware of the softness and the rigidity of a tree,cos them both similarities and opposites,are inter-related...Here,on Earth,bad and good,mixed together are,but,differences by their palce,are being found..through their quality,people,here,on Earth,take good as bad and bad as good,but,not always...cos within good is seen what is bad,and through bad is see what is good,and through bad is found good...their qualities,under the power of Earth,generates confusion,and,this way,in good is bad found,in bad is good found;to what is good,bad overcomes,and,to distinguish them,one who know what's good,also know what is intercome in bad with good,may lead to good,but also,may lead to what is bad;cos by differences is provided confusion,but not always;confusions are done when things are not seen as natural,but,yet,not always,cos,here,on Earth,natural way it is,to exist good,to exist bad...for that only good to exist,without bad,is not possible here,on Earth,until the source of all the bad to be found by one who know what is the source of it;and,one who know to makes good,knows also what is bad;and one who makes bad knows also what is good;but here,on Earth,many know what is bad and call it good,many know what is good,and call it bad,but,not always...Here,on Earth,lies are found,but also,truths are found...many times,the lies are taken as truths and the truths are taken as lies,for that this is the natural way,here,on Earth...this way,one 's lie is taken as truth by ones who consider it a truth..and so alike,into a reversed mode,the truth of one is taken as a lie,by others,for that here,on Earth,natural way it is...but,one is truth and other lie,as place and by difference,what is found in a lie,is still fake,and what is found in a truth,is still matter how many lies will tell one,truth always arise,here,on Earth,cos when one will speak truth,it will be seen as truth only by those who know truths and when one will speak false,will be taken as truth only by those who considered those words as being truths...but,one is lie and other is truth and here,on Earth,their places are in order,based on a chaos,and their natural way of action are chaotic,based on a physic principle,of order...Here,on Earth,hate and love is found...and when one hates,one loves and when one hates call it love,but not always..and when one loves call it hate,but still,not always...Here,on Earth,many people loves,but in their love is found hate,cos what seems to be love,transformed into hate;many people hates,but in their hate is found love,cos,what was one day ago hate,now,in present,it is love...Here,on Earth,many of those who hate,even if they have as wish to love,they still hate and do not love,alike some of those who loves,and have as wish to hate,but they still love and do not hate..cos when one has as wish to love one who hates,that one who hates,can hate more,cos sees one that is hated cos is loved,but not always,cos one who lovesmay reach in time to be one who hate,for that one use quality and gives love,and not use virtue and offer love..and one,when gives love,expects love and when do not recieve love,may its love become hate,in time...and other,when recieve love,but do not offer love,still quality use and keeps love,as for a "thing that who is owned and who is givven" only to who deserve to have (earn) it...only here,on Earth,people,many of them,use quality of love and this way,hate arise,but,no mistake must be found,in them,or in their actions,for that they have no blame,and all they do,they do it according with the Law of Earth,who govern them...their natural way to be,to love by quality and this way,through actions,the hate to be discovered,cos,Earth influences them,through its negative attribute;they just follow the rules that they're not aware,according with the many principles that physic has,related with the Earth..Here,on Earth,ones who love,know what that hate is and,they love by choosing to love rather than to hate;so this way,by reversed mode,those who hate,cos they hate even knowing what that love is...and,natural way to be,people who love,people who hate,here,on who lives in hate and loves,may it reach in time to hate,but,not who lives in love and hates,may it become in time able to love,but,not always...for that fact,those who hate,hates,for that here,on Earth,love is overcomed by hate and hate is ballanced by love...natural ways of action of the concept of love and hate,always,here,on Earth...Here,on Earth,one is found as silly and other,as intelligent...but,intelligent people are,indeed,ones who saw in one something who attracted their attention,and then called it silly..ones that are being called silly,by ones who consider themselves as "savants of stupidity",become sad,many times,here,on Earth,cos they are called silly..they,the silly ones,become sad,because of one other 's words,but,truth is that they , "one who are called silly",should be happy,cos in them,one full of intelligence,saw something..alike the rabbit scared of its own shadow,they are [ones who call others as :silly],because indeed,they feel themselves in danger,by those who are silly...ones who are intelligent,may them have the "eyes of an eagle",here,on Earth,but,to not forget that "if the eagle has eyes,or even wings,what is their use,if it,the eagle,is held captive in a cage for rare birds"?!?!?! Cos,this is what is found on Earth,as intelligence by foolness and silliness through intelligence,but yet,not always things are done this way,by having characteristics of what has intelligence,or not...Here,on Earth,logic is found,in many;for that for creation,people need intelligence;creativity is based on a pure logic,and what is created by what do not appertains to logic,is seen as "silly thing" is considerated a "silly thing",to make ecuations as 1+1=2 and 2=0,here,on Earth,but is considered a "bright thing" when ecuations are made as this type: -1+1+1-1+2-2-2+2=0,in which 2 is never equal to number 0...but complicate things them may be,these intelligent things,by complicate ecuations..and simple may them be,the "silly ones",in which 2=0...but one must not forget that a lawyer is still a human,the peasant is still a human,but,may it be that peasant called silly,by one who knows all the govern's laws,but,when one called as silly may have not knowledge of laws,but has knowledges of other things,who,the lawyer do not ever heard,purhapse...but,for to be intelligent,here,on Earth,one must know all,to gather all the science in its brain,is beeing seen..but also,is being seen its voracious desire of knowing all..but also,it is seen something who the peasant see:"how can one,to gather all the possible science,cos,something alike is not possible to a human mind,and,even possible to be,all the science one to know,what is its use,when one do not understand itself?and to not talk anymore of understanding others,cos,if do not understand itself,how can will other be understod?!" This way,things are naturally done,here,on Earth,and when mistakes were found,were no mistakes also found,cos one is called intelligent when do not make mistakes,and other is called silly when makes mistakes...for that what was a mistake,to be seen as intelligent thing,was a mistake,and for what has no mistake,to be seen a silly thing,was no mistake..and this way,intelligence corrupts by power and this way,silliness corrupts minds,still by power...But,here,on Earth,natural places are,as one to be intelligent as a statue and one to be silly as a small pet;but to not forget the fact that the statue,may it be a gorgeous one,and full of rare diamonds,even,but,is not moving itself,it just stands...but this little pet,despite that is "silly",full of animation is...who will see the intelligence of even a small bird,when one place a piece of bread in front of it,it will see "where leads that foolness",cos,that little bird,may it be called "silly" by those who do not understod its actions,but,even in a single bird 's behave is found more intelligence that has a savant..That's why,here,on Earth,the logic is used in many,for that the influence of Earth is based on the principles of a physic...Here,on Earth,dark and light is found;for that darkness is found in light and light is found in darkness...this way,Earth is seen in spots of dark and light,for that through dark one will know what that light is;and through light,one will realise what that darkness alike,night is found on Earth,but also,day is found on Earth...but them,night and day,only spread light and dark and them (night and day) are elements of what is above Earth...but,are parts of what is on Earth,cos,when day is,above Earth,light is;also,dark is,in places where the light hasn't penetrated yet;but,that will be called shadow,of a light into darkness and of a darkness into a light...when night is,above the Earth,darkness is,but also,light is,cos the stars or the moon are lightened and spread their light on Earth;but,still shadow will be found,on Earth,cos,natural process is...Here,on Earth,are differences,everywhere,found in similar things;found even as opposite things;differences are because of Quality...So,here,on Earth,is found quality...

The next entry that i will offer to you,one that reads my entries,will be as a continuity to the subject that i've just end,the painting that i will continue describing it,if untill now,was formed from black and white drawings,it is time to be coloured..coloured by the next subject,called : "SKY"...

Thanks for reading,stranger!


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