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This is a new entry,of a so called "diary" and i have now as wish to speak about a new group of subjects,inter-related,kept in my mind's archieves,and,now,brought to light,for ones that read my so called "diary"..and i will start with the 1th subject of the ensemble,called: "Creativity"...

A poem full of rhymes,who aren't rhymes,has been found in one 's soul...but,words,are found,into many books,and,the books became just books,without a sense...have a sense,when one who reads,finds them as interesting..,..,and,lose their sense,when one who was reading many books,wish to forget what was written,cos,many books were found,indeed,but almost all of them,through a creativity who one day was found as innocent,in a "today" of a present time had effects,opposite,harmfull...good Truth was found,in just a small Bible;if all the possible science,will have it,the humans,and still will not be enough..they aren't yet satisfied,wishing more to know,conducted,many of them,indeed,by a voracious desire,for knowing more...but,as truth found one,may find truth also,another one...,cos,indeed,the creativity gets here,on Earth,two different aspects,into something negative and something consider as to be prudent,into what to believe,when reading books,and,other,consider as to acquire more science,reading more...inter-related are,indeed,those two aspects..,cos,indeed,answer in a Law,it is: "what is good,is not good,but,not always"...cos,indeed,when will be taken as good,may lead to what is not good;when will be seen beyound,one may realise what is good and what is not good,cos,indeed,are good parts and are not so good parts,to be use creativity for good purposes,but,may come another one,who exploits one's creativity,sometimes,for good resons,other times,for not so good reasons...but also,one who is exploited by other,may it be one who is aware of what's going on,if carefull it is...and,when is seen beyound all,aspects of a creativity,become good most of times,because is taken as a natural manifestation...

One tried,long ago,
To find a rose
In its garden..
But,full of flowers,was,indeed,
That garden..
So,where to find,
That rose?!
Pieces were found,
From a painting..
Who,in past times,
Was on a wall..
Lied down,
On the floor..
Too many pieces of a puzzle
Part of freedom and peace,
Found by one,
But denied by other,
Was about to be found..
What may be a whole representation of a rose..
Lost was,in a past time..
Cos was too beautiful for one 's eye...
And,that lead to its destruction...
And,as a false painting,
Was created;
Instead that rose,
Who,one day before,
Was in a garden
And one day after
Because had too much purple colour,in its petals,
One considered better to cut it down...
To cut it down,
From its natural place of birth...
In that garden,
A rose had a place,
A home;
A painting is,
Of a rose...
And when one saw that a painting
Do not replace that rose,
Into pieces,was broken,
That painting,
The painting with the rose..
And,throwed away..
One other,
Found the little pieces,
The puzzle..
And,many years,took it
To rebuilt the painting...
The painting of the rose..
And now,
On the wall,
Another painting,
Indeed,made from many pieces..
Little,little pieces..
More happiness that painting
Brought to one..
Those little pieces
That has been found
Even so,meaningless
For others,
Who looked it,
On the old man's wall..
Cos,that old man,
Found a happiness
Finding itself as child,
And,one who is aware,
May see now
If seeks,
Where that rose lead
Lives again...
Even if is on a painting..,
Even if the painting is made from
Many little pieces...
One saw the rose..
That rose..
Purple was one day before..
But now,
It is violet..
Hmm...where leads,
The Creativity...!...

In my next entry,i will continue the main idea [of that group of subjects,mixed together,inter-related],with a subject called: "Rhymes"...
Thanks for reading,stranger!


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