Friday, December 7, 2012

Beyond Universe


Here,on Earth,beings are found,then,humans are found,living all,together;above our place where we all,live,Sky;above what is our shelter,Universe;Beyond Universe,is The One Who Created,our Creator,The Supreme One...I call It God,according with my religion,cos is my Supreme One...but u,one who read my words,perhapse u do not have my religion,so,u call Him how you if is your Supreme One called Buddha,is not my concern..neither if is Allah,neither if is another one..i am not into inoculate you dogmas,u know? :) hehehe..
This subject,how can i discuss it,one who read my words now?!?! cos,alike words who are my truths and my beliefs,i always told you,one who read,i told truths..and,now,if i will say something about that subject,Beyound Universe,what i to tell you?!cos,indeed,if i might tell you something,i will lie to u wanna lie to you?! as the others do writing books,of "what is beyound a universe" ,or,"what is outside our solar system"?! and other stupidities as "the speed of light" "the planet Uranus,or etc planets"??!! cos,all,more or less,are found by me as ones that lie the people with their stupidities..they know Nothing,indeed..but,they know..which means that they do not know,but they know,they know what can not be knewd by human mind?!!since when,the Science was found as "all-knowing"?!! so,if u wanna lie to you,and write you "what's beyound of Universe",search for another one,cos,a scientist,or ,perhapse,a savant,you will find,indeed,and,many will tell you,indeed,and more confussion in your mind will arise,one who read...
All what i wrote is from my experience,as i do not know by Truth what is Beyound Universe,how can i tell you?Even i,one governed by the Law of Universe,i have limits,who are imposed by The Supreme One [who i call It God],how can i reach what has No Limits for a human mind?!!?!!To be alike many other savants who called their knowledge,wisdom?!Since when,the Brightness of mind,or the Intelligence,is Wisdom?! wanna know what that true Wisdom is,search in the Holy Bible and hear what that true Wisdom is..and,then,u will realise that the Wisdom,in its truest nature,can not be found in a human mind,for the the Wisdom,in its truest sense of the word,only One Who Created it,has it,only He know it,cos He is ALL-KNOWING..and,that's why,one who read my words,u have to understand that so as one as me,has its mind limited and again,i repeat: TRUTH is that what has no limits,can not be rechead by human,how can i know?!so,to be knewd now,that: many things may one know from me,indeed..but,as are only my beliefs only,i do not have interes to be other one's beliefs,my beliefs..for that,this is Justice Way not intercome,i see it the best way,in many things..i do not write my entries for to inoculate in ones mind,some things who might be [some of them],erroneous concepts..and this way,it is beliefs are strictly myne,and if i may tell them,one who see beyound,will know what i tell and will even understand what i tell,in these entries..but,the rest of others,who will just read,and not think beyound,they will be alike the scientists or alike the savants,one more savant than other,one more smart than other,which is natural way of them to be this way,in their brightness of mind,thinking too many but also,dreaming at too many :) who think and see beyound,understand my entries,not those who "just read some words" :),better be wise,than intelligent,one who read my words..
So,my next entry will start a group of subjects,very different than what i spoke until,i now announce the new subject,which is: "Creativity"..

Thanks for reading,stranger!


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