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Basic religions-God-Deities

Basic religions – God – Deities

This should be a new entry of a so called "diary"..i will continue here with a subject related with the previous one which mentioned of basic religion,and what role have the religions and here in this new entry,will be provided some answers in the matter of some dilemmas ,alike "God is Buddha?God is Brahma?God is Allah?"..
The basic religions that most of us know are those called "Christian religions"..also,these Christian religions are divided into few disciplines;is not my concern in explaining the differences between them...So,all of them have in common many things,which could be related to "the Holy Scripture"...The basic Christian religions are : the orthodox and the catholic religion..these ones have more things in common,than other ones based on the Christianity concept..have just few differences..Other christian religions,despite they have as common the concepts based on the Holy Scripture,rise many differences between them,especially when they rely more on a single concept or on more,that's why ,these last mentioned are secondary christian religions..
To speak according with my religion,which is christian,i could..but,is not about me here,it is about all of us,,differences in many things...because,to not forget the fact that so alike exists a christian religion,exists a muslim religion too,or a buddhist not in my concern to define all their differences..i wanna speak only of the common question that "some people" ask,as "God is Buddha?God is Brahma?God is Allah?"..many say that God is also Buddha,or Allah,or Krisna,etc.. they wrong?! is not my concern their belief,or if they wrong or not.. because of these,were created conflicts,as usually people had the tendency to say "my religion is the best and if my religion is the best,u should follow my religion" :) is not about what is best.cos,after the Law of Universe,should be an equality,so,is not about "what is best" :) anyway,according with a religion,it is said that "each one should follow its own religion" and not create conflicts by questions as "what religion is greater?!"..and,because in a religion it is said [to give a christian religion as example] something alike "To have One God and not someone else who replace God",one must not consider equal its Supreme,with another Divine Spirit from another religion..must not consider equal,because will have the meaning of breaking that law i mentioned,which can lead to another concepts..well,i know that in a language ,the word who define a Supreme,can be different than in another language,so,if in a language as english,it is used the word "God",who to define that Supreme being,in another language can be used a word who is specific with that language,alike "Buddha"..i encountered many people who affirmed that "to us is God,and there in China, God is Buddha and means that Buddha is the same with God" :) kinda funny those people,who creates this way conflicts and misinterpret words..So,one who do these should remember what his/her religion say,as RULE,LAW: "One Supreme",then,why it is created a duality process?! :) hehe..According with that Law,that one who misinterpret it,makes mistake and creates this way a,at a question as "God is Buddha?" ,a TRUE answer should be "NO"..God is God,Buddha is Buddha,Allah is only one God,only one Buddha,only one,here is the correct interpretation of all these..The Law of Universe may say: "One must follow its own religion,and not to mix up with it other religions",here is about "equality in abstract thinking" and not after logic thinking..because,in logic are differences between religions,as "what has one and other one doesn't have"..and in abstract it is seen beyound,as "each religion has something unique in it,differences seen in their qualities,but,equality in all,because of the fact that --each one has a Supreme--" so,here it is a solved problem..Usually,many people say that "God is Buddha" very easy,but,they forget that LAW who say that "One Supreme it is"..they do not know that "each human will be judged according with its own religion and belief?!",after he or she die?! maybe they forget,maybe they deny,maybe they not my concern what they do..each human has a free will,has mind to think ,has mouth to speak,has legs to walk,etc,each one should believe what wants and to believe in whom wants...Because of the misunderstanding of that "religion concept",conflicts were always..christians blaming muslims,then,muslim blaming christians,or,etc situations..why? because of many things,but,especially,because of,in logic it is 1+2+...and so on,patterns,leading to a point in which will exist too many numbers to count :).. and that's why,when human governs its life according with the Law of Earth or with the Law of Sky,will always have the tendency to make from a "simple piece of rock" a whole wall,and from a single road,too many roads..


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