Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art Of Children

Children’s Art

Sometimes,I reach to be amazed of what children can do!They have that tendency to express what is the most beautiful in art:purity.There are no fragments from hunting-down-perfection which frequently suppress creativity in the mature ones.There,in children’s playground,is no such place for “a butterfly’s shape isn’t like a rock” or “the pretty little girl’s face should look like that and must be respected proportions”,neither “the modeled plasticine doesn’t look like my sculpture” or “shaped wood-work looks horrible”;they are just children and they carry so much things in their lil’ hearts,so much that those mature ones can not understand their magic world,since they are trapped in the world of a perfection via art,but forgetting that the world of art is the expression of soul.
God created the very human soul,through art,and then,where is the perfection in it?Despite of that,a soul carries another kind of perfection,which is not defined by mind,nor science’s definitions.A soul is exposed indeed,to many circumstances or things which by their negative impact,modifies everything in matter of manifestations upon personality,and also leading to something similar with an extinguish of its burning flame;this way,with time,a modeling process occur and of course,the rooting to the soul is not possible,and all what remains is a conduit of mind,either there is negative or positive cause/effect.
But what is so amazing in children’s art is the way they perceive things.May them be the most hard to be understood by mature ones,but doesn’t change the fact that for they,such things are the most beautiful!As for a good example: a child can find in the structure of a leaf a whole labyrinth in which its eyes be so captured than time passes by and there is no end of equation see?!if that children will look a painting made by a mature one,and the painting representing the structure of a leaf,the child will have the same look;it can not distinguish really what is the most perfect,as the leaf that saw it moments before or the painting which sees now,although some changes,indeed,discovers.But for the lil’ one,such wonderful world revealed by a leaf,looks so similar!That’s why children’s art has much depth,than just a doodle or just a tiny decoupage which has not clear borders or frames,or just few colored parts of plasticine randomly pressed and apparently without any sense of defining a clear object.Beyound these,there is magic!And just floats,around,alike the mist of a know,a mix between colors such as white,yellow,green,blue or violet..
That’s what I love so much about children and art:their artistic expressivity and creativity is much pure,although maybe I have moments when I cant perceive what signifies the work.The easy way is to ask the child something like “lil one,what does signifies that?” and point to the work and surely that child will explain me everything and some of them,with luxury of details,compared with the mature ones just saying “eh,you discover yourself”;then,in such circumstances,making abstraction from the rules of creating a work of art,which many times inhibit the process of creation or imagination,the perfect art is equal in size with the purity of soul,not equal in how a bright mind can develop a complex method of creation.
This way,doesn’t exist anymore the restraining into creating something original,and the term of kitsch vanishes from the dictionary,as rather a kitsch should define something else,more dirty,more negative.I can not call a kitsch a painting of a swan,no matter is has no shadows where they normally should be found,or if has other kind of wings structure,or doesn’t respect a proportion compared with the elements around;and these,despite that the science’s terms in matter of kitsch define an improper work or a kind of copy done bad or other related things,equal to a “non value”;I even saw very often that people rather calling a kitsch a drawing of a baby’s face alike in manga-type rather than calling a kitsch a grotesque figure,or they call a kitsch a meadow’s grass and above a blue sky with a smiling sun rather than calling a kitsch those so-called abstract paintings with a lot of spots,on a plate.But what if a children would take a blank sheet and place inside it a drop from each color set that has inside his painting box,and then will fold the paper in many directions and when opens it wide,will rise the same work of art alike that so-admired abstract painting from the wall who worth lots of money?!I’m pretty much sure that that artist copied the work of children,no?!Or,I’m just having fun,into a critic upon their works?
No matter my view,I wished to show a personal aspect,into that matter,of what is valuable in Art:the beginnings of it.No matter if all starts with a dot or a line,in a drawing,the result could be awesome and who doesn’t believe,to test such things,in the company of children!I’m pretty much sure that besides fun,or other positive things as joy spread around,we,the mature ones or elders,will remember our 1st introduction in art,as when we were little,looking around us to all the structures and being so amazed and time to run faster,without a,let’s not count something else than the moments when we actually Live Life!


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