Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Introduction To Philosophy

Rooted In Philosophy

A warm greeting for who reads this so called "diary" !

Here is not about a diary,in it's real meaning of it. Then,what is all about?! It is about "things" gathered along these years,it is something from my experience...

If you are that "someone" who reads all these,i want you to read all what is written here but not only to read,also,to be receptive.If not,do not waste your time.Are other things also that you should do,than gathering some infos who doesn’t concern you…

Many of the people i encountered live their lives in a kind of way,very common to all;a way who is governed by some called "moral laws";many of the individuals,do not follow these laws,many others follows them only when they want a change;many others follow these laws naturally,without being distracted from following them.And then,there are people who know these laws under the shape of a moral code,called honor.But,most of the laws they follow,are according with what they see,or know; with other words,are laws according to physic only.There are also some certain laws , different, not according to the physic,but according to the psychic.Some people know also about them,indeed.Then,are another laws,laws of the universe, conforming with psychic and physic,so,with other words,both parts are gathering together as a whole, internal,or,external; these laws are rare,very few people know,or apply them...And,finally,the supreme laws,who are the Laws of God and Church;many people know,about these ones...

According to all the laws mentioned above,we,people,rule our lives...but even more,we should be aware that,somehow,who truelly rule our lives,are God,then,His Supreme Laws ;the laws of universe;the laws of psychic; the laws of physic..and the order is set in a balance;in all these,aspects from the basic moral code...

Conforming to all these,i am just a person who is very different,far of what many knewd,know or will know...and i am very twisted nature...Why? Because,i rule my life according with / through the universe laws,and the universe laws rule my life...Because of all these,i choosed the path of warrior. I am a nobody and i have nothing. And,i like this way,because this way i am happy . I do not have what to lose,because,there is no loss. I do not have what to win,because there is no reward. Being a nobody should define me,in terms of "who i am"; having nothing,should define me,in terms of "what i have". So much pride have people in themselves,as most of them forget who they really are and what they really have. I wanned to be different of all these...why? because this way it is fair. It is justice. But,many people i saw,heard everyday of a justice,but they do not saw,neither in themselves,by ignorance,neither in others,by judgement. Shall we all judge ourselves? No,because who judges,judges itself. That's why,according with the law of universe,i do not judge,and if that appears to be,you should be more receptive to all i say,and you shall then see that i do not judge...A rule of universe say: "All the things should be natural;and because are natural,other things should be done natural;but,what you understand as natural,should not be defined only by terms who defines only physic or in terms who defines only psichic;once you say that water is an element,it is just a half of the truth..why?because,the water is not the element itself"

Many people ask themselves something about "why happens to me that?why is not going too well?" according to the laws of universe, "what is not made in a natural way,turns to not be natural"...since when we are children,we see a piece of rock,un-signifying,on the ground,and give attention for some hours...but,when we grow up,we look at that piece of rock like to "something that doesn’t even exist"...[to not say anymore about the fact that this case is applied even to others,by many of us]...this is natural? according to the laws of universe, is natural for those who limit themselves only of what they see and,they are not to be judged,according to these...what is natural this way,it is just for those who live after the laws of physic;according with the laws of universe,is not natural..why?because,natural,truelly means,to look those pieces of rock,when you are mature,with the same "eyes" as when you were a child...and then who understands that,knows also "what is happiness all about"...and,this ,it is just a very small step,on the path of "knowing who you are and what another is"...Who will understand the laws of universe,will apply these in its life...then,the human will see a truth: "despite all these differences, people are the same"..why? i shall tell you another time... 

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