Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Essay About Art

About ART..

ART,for one as me..
Without Art,my eyes,can not see
My ears,will not hear
My tongue,won’t be able to speak,
My mind,would be crashed by fear
And my heart,will never be free,
My body will fall,in the abyss of death;
Without Art,there’s just emptiness:
There won’t be paths,on which should I walk,
My trembling hand,how will hold the wooden stick?!
There won’t be oath,which I must keep,
My wounded heart,how will embrace the life?!
ART,for those like me..
And there is Justice made
When peace is found after a war
And life discovered in a flower
Which yesterday,was dying
And now,in its blossom,
Enchants your soul..
Until the end of times
When rising to the sky
In freedom,flying,
Praise ART,as path to other world..

When about speaking of ART,I chose to meditate.Is alike one wished to describe the nature and the subject > Nature > has so many things as elements which forms it or defines the many shapes of it,so many that is like there are not enough words,to describe such a Miracle! Therefore,I chose meditation as a sublime form in which all the things forming a specific content,to be very rich in information level.I could start with a “kind of” history of Art but yet,who really knows what science’s limits are,actually?! Cos it seems to me that science,although has a rich level of information,has many errors,perhaps specially inserted by people who studied parts of it.Then,since for me there are no exact datas,except their many words found in books or whatever stuff they made,I should rely on what is less-scientific. With another words,I can not find suitable for my brain cells to memorize all those data starting with numbers,names or whatever involves a specific estimated time,neither to remember all the artists which continued a development of art.So,denying in a way these,means that I will not stick on history of art.Instead,I see more better into developing an essay-like/and/personal view upon subject.
For me,ART means everything;I honestly say that ART for me is a reason to live.I would have killed myself hundreds of times,perhaps,if ART would not have been present in my life [and saying these doesn’t make me a person worthy to be locked in a mental care institution,cos I am not a danger to society][no,I am just..different;I live upon another laws and which means that I integrated myself in a society who rejects people like me,usually;ah,and yes,I’m not retarded and actually I do have a good opinion on people considered retarded and that is comparative with the so many others who harm others or jeopardize a civilization in a modern society,through their actions].So,leaving aside my personal life [cos I don’t see a good reason why should I speak about it (unless I’ll write my biography) ] , ART,has VALUE,for me.Without ART,I can not exist in the world in which I didn’t waned be born and neither to counter the effects of being a restless soul.Then,I chose to meditate…on ART..
In the next “chapters”,I will take you in a journey,in the world of art….

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